I’ve not read Infinite Jest or any of his works, but I knew who David Foster Wallace was, and I knew I would one day read his work.

From Laura Miller’s review of his collection of stories, Oblivion:

Wallace can still be funny, but his humor has been creeping away from the playful, omnivorous sort on display in his first three books (The Broom of the System, The Girl With the Curious Hair and the reputation-making novel Infinite Jest) and toward a bleaker variety — as if he were making a slow switch in allegiance from Thomas Pynchon to Samuel Beckett.

I’ll be heading to the bookstore later today and using the B&N gift card I got for my birthday to buy Infinite Jest and Oblivion.  I’m currently directing a very depressing play, so I’ll probably wait until after that show has closed to start reading them…