I’ve not read Infinite Jest or any of his works, but I knew who David Foster Wallace was, and I knew I would one day read his work.

From Laura Miller’s review of his collection of stories, Oblivion:

Wallace can still be funny, but his humor has been creeping away from the playful, omnivorous sort on display in his first three books (The Broom of the System, The Girl With the Curious Hair and the reputation-making novel Infinite Jest) and toward a bleaker variety — as if he were making a slow switch in allegiance from Thomas Pynchon to Samuel Beckett.

I’ll be heading to the bookstore later today and using the B&N gift card I got for my birthday to buy Infinite Jest and Oblivion.  I’m currently directing a very depressing play, so I’ll probably wait until after that show has closed to start reading them…


And one can only speculate on what he might have achieved if he had become acquainted with true sexuality at a less advanced age.

I am lost.  Not a word.

–Samuel Beckett, Malone Dies

Must keep going.  Must keep going.  No, I can’t.  I can’t keep going.  Yes, you can.  No, I can’t.  Oh, shutup.  You shutup.  No, you.  No, you.  No, you.  Oh, real mature.  How could you say that?  Oh, what’s the point.  It’s hopeless.

Homer Simpson, The Simpsons Movie

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I was reading through some old journal entries today and came across this entry on March 26, 1991, describing a dream I had the night before.

Went to a field to play football, but the game was canceled.  I had a baseball bat and wanted to play baseball.  Saw a large tree with something like a cave in it, and just past it was one in worse shape.  The owner of the (baseball) field said that’s where the 747 had hit.  If you looked back you could see the path the plane had taken.  He said of all the places to wreck, it had to hit the tree where the bald eagle lived…

There was a time when I would have been excited by the prophetic nature of this dream.  Now, though,  I dismiss it.  Even if the dream was prophetic, if a prophecy falls in the woods, does it make a sound?  I’ve actually had a lot of dreams that proved to be foretellings, but they had always been about very mundane things.  At any rate, it’s all just distractions–excuses to avoid this reality.

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